5 Tips for an Unbeatable Listing Presentation

Dated: January 15 2021

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Article provided by Keena Maher of Waterstone Mortgage

The real estate business is a competitive one. But winning a listing doesn’t have to be a challenge — if you have the right tools and resources in place.

Crafting an engaging, persuasive listing presentation is vital for any agent who is serious about wooing potential clients who are ready to sell. But how do you go about creating one?



Before you even begin your listing presentation, take a few moments to really get to know your potential client.

Determine their motivation for selling and take a genuine interest in their future plans. Winning the listing will be

a simple process if the homeowner views you as a sincere and dependable person.



Discovering your potential client’s needs is another essential part of the process. Ask the homeowner specific

questions to learn more:

• Do they want the house sold as quickly as possible?

• Is getting the highest offer most important to them?

• Do they want to avoid all obstacles, or are they willing to work through them?

• Do they need the sale to happen in a certain time period?

• Do they also want you to help them with the purchase of their next home?



Highlight the marketing plan and resources your company offers:

• Can your company create a spectacular listing site to market the property?

• Does your company have a specific process for finding and vetting potential buyers?

• Can your company put together a rockstar social media campaign?

• Do you have a safe process for hosting an open house during the COVID-19 pandemic?



This is your time to shine! Your company is an important part of the listing process — but so are you. Explain to

your potential client everything that makes you unique as an agent: your expertise, unique perspective, and market

knowledge. Your personal brand will be a crucial part of your success.



This is where you can continue to build rapport — even after your listing presentation is finished. Encourage the

homeowner to contact you if they think of follow-up questions. You should also make an effort to follow up with them.

When it comes down to it, real estate is a people-centric business. If you take the time to get to know potential clients,

address their concerns, and prioritize their needs, creating an unbeatable listing presentation will be effortless.


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