Top Three Reasons Spring 2021 Is The Best Time To Sell

Spring is a busy time of year for the real estate market! Warm weather and the end of the school year brings out droves of eager buyers ready to place an offer on their dream home and move in before the start of a new school year. While the upcoming spring market is shaping up […]

Top 5 Winter Outdoor Activities In The Twin Cities

2020 has been anything but normal. With the coronavirus still raging throughout the country, Twin Cities residents are trying to figure out ways to safely enjoy the winter season. Don’t worry, we’ve put together our top picks for socially distance friendly outdoor activities the whole family can enjoy. So bundle up, head outside and get […]

Three Things to Consider When Choosing a Real Estate Agent

When you’re searching for a new home or preparing to sell your existing property, it is important that you work with a real estate professional. While you can try to buy or sell a home on your own, doing so can be incredibly challenging. An experienced realtor will be able to help you navigate the […]

Manufacturing and Hospitality Industries Start to Show Signs of Recovery

Article provided by Mike Ouverson, Leader One Financial COVID-19 dealt a harsh blow to the global economy and wreaked havoc on Americans across the country. While many Americans are still struggling to pull themselves from the void the virus created, experts posit the worst is behind us and the job market is showing signs of […]

How to Succeed in a Seller’s Market

Article provided by Keena Maher of Waterstone Mortgage When there are a limited number of houses for sale, it can be challenging to not only help your clients find their dream homes but also get an accepted offer. To help your clients find homes and make your business thrive in a seller’s market, consider the […]

Housing Trends in January – What Does The Market for 2022 Look Like?

Mortgage rates & inventory still at record lows The change in season typically brings on a significant slowdown in the housing market, but as we know, the last couple of years have been anything other than “typical.” Mortgage rates and home inventory remain historically low, and the demand continues to remain high. This fact further […]

7 Ways To Spread Kindness In Your Neighborhood

Kindness is something everyone can afford to spread. The act of paying it forward is about sharing a positive moment with another person without expecting anything in return. Doing a good deed for a family member, neighbor or stranger is a beautifully selfless act. Not only will it remind them the world is full of […]

6 Family-Friendly Activities You Can Do This Fall In The Twin Cities

It’s that time of year again. Twin Cities families are making plans to celebrate the arrival of the harvest season. Fall is a perfect time for families to enjoy seasonal activities in and beyond the Twin Cities. Here are the top six family-friendly activities we recommend to scratch that Autumn itch. Frolick in an apple […]

5 Tips for an Unbeatable Listing Presentation

Article provided by Keena Maher of Waterstone Mortgage The real estate business is a competitive one. But winning a listing doesn’t have to be a challenge — if you have the right tools and resources in place. Crafting an engaging, persuasive listing presentation is vital for any agent who is serious about wooing potential clients […]